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Currently American is the only airline servicing puppy flights.

Avoid unexpected flight delays: Track the incoming flight status on the airline website your pet is traveling with prior to driving to the airport or track the AWB (Air waybill) number provided with your pet’s confirmation by visiting one of the links below.

Note: Enter only the (8) digits preceded by the three digit airline prefix.

E.g. xxx-(8 digit confirmation)


(BHM) Birmingham (AA, Delta, United)

(DHN) Dothan ( Delta)

(HSV) Huntsville/Decatur (AA, Delta, United)

(MOB) Mobile (AA, Delta, United)

(MGM) Montgomery (AA, Delta)


(ANC) Anchorage (Delta, United, Alaska Air)

(CDV) Cordova (Alaska Air)

(FAI) Fairbanks (United, Alaska Air)

(GST) Gustavus (Alaska Air)

(JNU) Juneau (Alaska Air)

(KTN) Ketchikan (Alaska Air)

(PSG) Petersburg (Alaska Air)

(SIT) Sitka (Alaska Air)

(WRG) Wrangell (Alaska Air)

(YAK) Yakutat (Alaska Air)


(FLG) Flagstaff (AA)

(PHX) Phoenix (AA, Delta, United, Alaskan Air)

(TUS) Tucson (AA, Delta, United, Alaskan Air)


(XNA) Fayetteville (AA, Delta, United)

(FSM) Fort Smith (AA, Delta)

(LIT) Little Rock (AA, Delta, United)

(TXK) Texarkana (AA)


(ACV) Arcata, CA (United)

(BFL) Bakersfield (AA, United)

(BUR) Burbank(United, Alaskan Air)

(CLD) Carlsbad(United)

(CIC) Chico(United)

(ILP) El Centro(United)

(FAT) Fresno (AA, Delta, United, Alaskan Air)

(IYK) Inyokern(United)

(LGB) Long Beach(AA, Alaskan Air)

(LAX) Los Angeles (AA, Delta, United, Alaskan Air)

(MRY) Monterey (AA, United)

(OAK) Oakland (Delta)

(ONT) Ontario (AA,United,Alaskan Air)

(OXR) Oxnard (United)

(PSP) Palm Springs (AA, Alaskan Air)-(embargoed May1-Sept 31)

(RDD) Redding (United)

(SNA) Santa Ana/Orange County (AA, Delta, United, Alaskan Air)

(SMX) Santa Maria (United)

(SMF) Sacramento (AA, Delta, United, Alaskan Air)

(SAN) San Diego (AA, Delta, United, Alaskan Air)

(SFO) San Francisco (AA, Delta, United, Alaskan Air)

(SJC) San Jose (AA, Delta, United, Alaskan Air)

(SBA) Santa Barbara (United, Alaskan Air)


(ASE)Aspen (United)

(COS) Colorado Springs (AA, Delta, United)

(DEN) Denver (AA, Delta, United)

(DRO) Durango (United)

(EGE) Eagle/Vail (United)

(GJT) Grand Junction (AA, Delta, United)

(GUC) Gunnison/Crested Butte (Delta, United)

(HDN) Haden (United)

(MJT) Montrose/Telluride (United)


(BDL) Hartford/Bradley (AA, Delta, United)


(DAB) Daytona Beach (Delta)

(FLL) Fort Lauderdale (AA, Delta, United)

(VPS) Fort Walton Beach (Delta, United)

(RSW) Fort Myers (AA, Delta, United)

(GNV) Gainesville (Delta DASH)

(JAX) Jacksonville (AA, Delta, United)

(EYW) Key West (AA, Delta)

(MLB) Melbourne (Delta)

(MIA) Miami (AA, Delta, United)

(MCO) Orlando (AA, Delta, United)

(ECP) Panama City (Delta)

(PNS) Pensacola (AA, Delta, United)

(SRQ) Sarasota (Delta)

(TLH) Tallahassee (AA, Delta)

(TPA) Tampa (AA, Delta, United)

(PBI) West Palm Beach (AA, Delta, United)


(ABY) Albany (Delta)

(ATL) Atlanta (Delta: Direct Flight, AA, Delta)

(AGS) Augusta (Delta)

(CSG) Columbus (Delta)

(MCN) Macon (Delta)

(SAV) Savannah (AA, Delta, United)

(VLD) Valdosta (Delta)


(BOI) Boise (AA,Delta, United, Alaskan Air)

(IDA) Idaho Falls (Delta, United)

(LWS) Lewiston/Clarkston (Delta, Alaskan Air)

(PUW) Moscow/Pullman(Alaskan Air)

(PIH) Pocatello (Delta)

(SUN) Sun Valley (Delta, Alaskan Air)

(TWF) Twin Falls (Delta)

(IDA) Idaho Falls (Delta)


(BMI) Bloomington (AA, Delta)

(ORD) Chicago O’Hare (AA: Direct Flight, Delta)

(MLI) Moline (AA, Delta, United)

(PIA) Peoria (AA, Delta, United)

(SPI) Springfield (AA,United)


(EVV) Evansville (AA, Delta, United)

(FWA) Fort Wayne (AA, Delta, United)

(IND) Indianapolis (AA, Delta, United)

(SBN) South Bend (Delta, United)


(CID) Cedar Rapids (AA, Delta, United)

(DSM) Des Moines (AA, Delta, United)

(DBQ) Dubuque (AA)

(FOD) Fort Dodge (Delta)

(MCW) Mason City (Delta)

(SUX) Sioux City (AA)


(ICT) Wichita (AA, Delta, United)

(MHK) Manhattan (AA)


(LEX) Lexington (AA, Delta, United)

(SDF) Louisville (AA, Delta, United)

(PAH) Paducah(United)


(AEX) Alexandria (AA, Delta, United)

(BTR) Baton Rouge (AA, Delta, United)

(LCH) Lake Charles (AA,United)

(LFT) Lafayette (AA, Delta, United)

(MLU) Monroe (AA, Delta)

(MSY) New Orleans/Kenner (AA, Delta, United)

(SHV) Shreveport (AA, Delta, United)


(BGR) Bangor (Delta)

(PWM) Portland (Delta, United)


(BWI) Baltimore (AA, Delta, United)


(BOS) Boston (AA, Delta, United)


(APN) Alpena (Delta)

(CIU) Chippewa (Delta)

(DTW) Detroit (AA, Delta: Direct Flight,United)

(ESC) Escanaba (Delta)

(FNT) Flint (AA, Delta)

(GRR) Grand Rapids (AA, Delta, United)

(CMX) Hancock (United)

(IMT) Iron Mountain (Delta)

(AZO) Kalamazoo (AA)

(LAN) Lansing (Delta, United)

(MQT) Marquette (AA)

(MKG) Muskegon(United)

(PLN) Pennston (Delta)

(MBS) Saginaw (Delta, United)

(TVC) Traverse City (AA,United)


(DLH) Duluth (Delta, United)

(HIV) Hibbing (Delta)

(MSP) Minneapolis (AA, Delta: Direct Flight, United)

(RST) Rochester (AA)


(GPT) Gulfport (AA, Delta, United)

(JAN) Jackson (AA, Delta, United)


(BIL) Billings (Delta-limited flights, United, Alaskan Air)

(BZN) Bozeman (United, Alaskan Air)

(BTM) Butte (Delta-limited flights)

(GTF) Great Falls (Delta-limited flight, Uniteds, Alaskan Air)

(HLN) Helena (Delta-limited flights, Alaskan Air)

(FCA) Kallispell (Delta-limited flights, United, Alaskan Air)

(MSO) Missoula (Delta-limited flights, United, Alaskan Air)


(GRI) Grand Island(AA)

(LNK)Lincoln (Delta, United)

(OMA) Omaha (AA, Delta, United)


(EKO) Elko (Delta)

(LAS) Las Vegas (AA, Delta, United, Alaskan Air)(embargoed May 1-Sept. 31)

(RNO) Reno (AA, United, Alaskan Air)

New Hampshire

(MHT) Manchester (Delta)

New Jersey

(EWR) Newark (AA, Delta, United)

New Mexico

(ABQ) Albuquerque (AA, Delta, United)

(ROW) Roswell (AA) (SAF) Santa Fe (AA)

New York

(ALB) Albany (Delta, United)

(BGM) Binghamton (Delta, United)

(BUF) Buffalo (AA, Delta, United)

(ELM) Elmira (Delta) (ITH) Ithaca (Delta, United)

(JFK) John F Kennedy (AA, Delta)

(LGA) LaGuardia (AA, Delta, United)

(SWF) Newsburgh/Stewart (Delta, United)

(ROC) Rochester (AA, Delta, United)

(SYR) Syracuse (AA, Delta, United)

(ART) Watertown(AA)

(HPN) White Plains (AA, Delta)

North Carolina

(AVL) Ashville (Delta, United)

(CLT) Charlotte (AA, Delta, United)

(FAY) Fayetteville (AA, Delta)

(GSO) Greensboro (AA, Delta, United)

(PGV) Greenville (AA)

(OAJ) Jacksonville (Delta)

(EWN) New Bern(Delta)

(RDU) Raleigh/Durham (AA, Delta, United)

(ILM) Wilmington (AA,Delta)

North Dakota

(BIS) Bismark (Delta, United)

(FAR) Fargo (AA,Delta, United)

(GFK) Grand Forks (Delta)

(MOT) Minot (Delta, United)


(CAK) Akron/Canton (Delta)

(CVG) Cincinnati (AA, Delta: Direct Flight,United)

(CLE) Cleveland (AA, Delta, United)

(CMH) Columbus (AA, Delta, United)

(DAY) Dayton (AA, Delta, United)

(TOL) Toledo (AA)


(LAW) Lawton (AA)

(OKC) Oklahoma City (AA, Delta, United)

(TUL) Tulsa (AA,Delta, United)


(EUG) Eugene (Delta, United, Alaskan Air)

(LMT) Klamath Falls(United)

(PDX) Portland (AA, Delta, United, Alaskan Air)

(RDM) Redmond (Delta, United, Alaskan Air)

(MFR) Medford (Delta-limited flights, United, Alaskan Air)

(OTH) North Bend (United)


(ABE) Allentown (AA, Delta-Limited Flights, United)

(BFD) Bradford (United) (DUJ) Dubois(United)

(ERI) Erie (Delta, United) (FKL) Franklin(United)

(MDT) Harrisburg (AA, Delta, United)

(PHL) Philadelphia (AA, Delta, United)

(PIT) Pittsburgh (AA, Delta, United)

(SCE) State College (Delta, United)

(AVP) Wilkes-Barre Scranton(AA,Delta, United)

Puerto Rico

(SJU) San Juan (AA, Delta, United)

Rhode Island

(PVD) Providence (AA, Delta, United

South Carolina

(CHS) Charleston (AA, United, Delta)

(CAE) Columbia (AA, Delta, United)

(FLO) Florence (AA,Delta)

(GSP) Greenville/Spartanburg (AA, Delta, United)

(MYR) Myrtle Beach (Delta)

South Dakota

(ABR) Aberdeen (Delta)

(FSD) Sioux Falls (AA,Delta, United)

(RAP) Rapid City (AA, Delta, United)


(CHA) Chattanooga (AA, Delta)

(TYS) Knoxville (AA, Delta, United)

(MEM) Memphis (AA)

(BNA) Nashville (AA, Delta, United)

(TRI) Tri-Cities (Delta)


(ABI) Abilene (AA)

(AMA) Amarillo (AA,United)

(AUS) Austin (AA, Delta, United)

(BPT) Beaumont, TX (AA, United)

(BRO) Brownsville (AA)

(CLL) College Station/Bryan (AA, United)

(CRP) Corpus Christi (AA,United)

(DFW) Dallas Fort Worth (AA, Delta, United)

(DAL) Dallas-Love Field (Delta)

(ELP) El Paso (AA, Delta, United)

(HRL) Harlingen (United)

(HOU) Houston Hobby (AA, Delta)

(IAH) Houston International (AA, Delta, United)

(GRK) Killeen (AA,Delta)

(LDR) Laredo (AA,United)

(GGG) Longview/Kilgore (AA)

(LBB) Lubbock (AA, United)

(MFE) McAllen (AA,United)

(MAF) Midland/Odessa (AA, United)

(SJT) San Angelo (AA)

(SAT) San Antonio (AA, Delta, United)

(TYR) Tyler (AA,United)

(ACT) Waco (AA,United)

(SPS) Wichita Falls (AA)


(CDC) Cedar City(Delta)

(SLC) Salt Lake City (AA, Delta, United, Alaskan Air)


(BTV) Burlington (Delta, United)


(CHO) Charlottesville (AA,Delta, United)

(PHF) Newport News (Delta)

(ORF) Norfolk (AA, Delta, United)

(RIC) Richmond (AA, Delta, United)

(ROA) Roanoke (AA,Delta, United)


(BLI) Bellingham (Alaskan Air)

(PSC) Pasco/Tri Cities (Delta, United, Alaskan Air)

(SEA) Seattle (AA, Delta, United, Alaskan Air)

(GEG) Spokane (Delta, United, Alaskan Air)

(PUW) Pullman/ Moscow (Alaskan Air)

(ALW) Walla Walla (Alaskan Air)

(YKM) Yakima (Alaskan Air)

(EAT) Wenatchee (Alaskan Air)

Washington D.C.

(IAD) Washington DC Dulles (AA, Delta, United)

(DCA) Washington DC Reagan (AA, Delta, United)

West Virgina

(BKW) Beckley(United)

(CRW) Charleston (AA,Delta, United)

(CKB) Clarksburg(United)


(ATW) Appleton (Delta, United)

(CWA) Central Wisconsin (AA)

(EAU) Eau Claire (United)

(GRB) Green Bay (AA,United)

(LSE) La Crosse (AA)

(MSN) Madison (AA,United)

(MKE) Milwaukee (AA, Delta, United)

(CWA) Mosinee/Central Wisconsin (AA,Delta)

(RHI) Rhinelander(Delta)

(CWA) Wausau (United)


(CPR) Casper (Delta-limited flights,United)

(COD) Cody (Delta)

(JAC) Jackson Hole (United)

(GCC) Gillette (Delta)


(YYC) Calgary (United)(limited-may require day or overnight kenneling)

(YEG) Edmonton (United)(limited-may require day or overnight kenneling)

(YYZ) Toronto (United)

(YVR) Vancouver (United, Alaskan Air)