German Shepherd “Jethro”

2017 Update from Jethro

We love Jethro! He is the sweetest, most amazing dog ever. When we got him, we hoped he would be easy to train, and he was. He is 8 months old and fully trained-leash, crate, potty, and knows many tricks. Jethro is a joy to have as part of our pack, and we couldn’t imagine our lives without him.  To say he is brave and gentle would be an understatement. He saved me from a pit bull attack, and then came home and cuddled with our kids. His temperament is amazing, and his love is abounding.  There will be more GSDs in our future, and they will come from Puppys R Us.  Thank you for the best dog ever!  Jethro is forever part of our hearts. We are blessed.   (Jethro was adopted in 2016)