Happy Families

April 1, 2022

Hello all,

Here is a recent picture of Burton ""formally Rudy". He will be 23 weeks tomorrow and I have had him for 10 weeks. Here he is a relaxing in the backyard after a training session. He is such a joy. Thank you all again.

Stephanie Jones from California

January 29, 2022

Charlie has the best personality. He is such a loving dog. Charlie is almost done with his service dog training. He is a great addition to our family

January 27, 2022

Imagine that a last minute effort to get your daughters Xmas gift puppy gets accidentally routes to the East coast vs West coast with only a few days til Xmas.

I will tell you it was heartbreaking news and the likelihood of our puppy arriving on time for Xmas was impossible.

Puppys r us is very ethical and cares about its customers and puppies!

This husband and wife team and the entire staff, made it their business to come thru in a pinch despite costing the company loads of excess costs.

The OWNER HAND DELIVERED our puppy via United airlines into San Jose, Ca. Intl airport!!! Thats right, Milo our puppy was on the lap of the owner the entire flight.
Safe and sound and it didn’t stop there, numerous follow up calls to make sure the puppy was doing well.

There are lots of scams out there, but rest assured these guys are First class legit!!!!! Might i add, they even talk with a cool country twang western accent for that extra good ol family hospitality. Our family is extremely grateful, thanks puppys r us!!!! You are ALL AMAZING!!!!!!!❤️