Five Questions to Determine if You’re Ready for a Puppy

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Care and Feeding

At Puppys R Us, we pride ourselves on matching families with puppies that are healthy, properly socialized, and suited to their owners. However, before you get to the point of choosing a puppy for your home, you need to make sure you and your family are ready for dog ownership. Asking yourself a few questions can ensure you’re ready and that you end up with the right purebred or designer puppy for your family.

Do I Have the Time?

Having the time for a pet in your family is critical to your puppy’s happiness. If your family is constantly on the run and won’t have time to train and socialize your puppy, it can lead to behavioral problems and neglect. This doesn’t mean you have to be a stay-at-home pet parent. Many dogs are content to stay at home while you’re at work, but they will need plenty of stimulation and attention when you get home. Some will need to be checked on and walked during the day, making a dog walker or dog sitter necessary. Make sure you are honest with yourself about the time you’ll have for training, walking, and interacting with your puppy.

Is Everyone on Board?

If you long for a designer puppy, but your spouse or roommate is resistant, consider your motives carefully. If you bring home a puppy and expect your better half to care for it when you can’t, be sure this is something they are willing to do for you and the puppy. Work out a budget for food, veterinarian visits, and other pet essentials if expenses are a concern. The power of veto is essential – a puppy should be a member of the family that is welcomed by everyone rather than tolerated.

Do We Have the Space for a Puppy?

Generally, the bigger the dog, the more space you’ll need. While all puppies are adorable balls of fluff, some will grow considerably. Apartment dwellers should consider a small- to medium-sized dog rather than a large breed. Also, think about how much yard space you have and any access to dog parks and other areas. Your puppy will need at least one spot to call their own, whether it’s a dog bed, a crate, or a corner of the living room with a soft blanket. If you aren’t sure what size puppy is right for you, check out our article Small, Medium, or Large? Choosing the Right Size Dog Breed for tips on selecting a breed that will fit your family.

Should I Get a Purebred Puppy?

This is a personal decision only you and your family can make. There are many advantages to both purebred and designer puppies. The most important consideration is that buying from a reputable breeder ensures you are getting a healthy, properly socialized dog raised in a warm, loving environment. It is far less likely to have behavioral or health problems than a pet of unknown ancestry found in a shelter. Do your homework on specific breeds and ask questions about breed temperament. Your veterinarian and breeders are excellent sources of information.

Can I Afford a Dog?

This question is critical for the long term. As puppies grow, they will become more expensive. Visits to the veterinarian, food, doggy daycare or dog walking, toys, and supplies all need to be factored into the cost of pet ownership. As they get older, dogs often develop health problems; they may eventually need medications or other treatments to stay healthy or treat problems such as allergies. Make sure you have the money to cover unexpected expenses as well as the day-to-day costs of pet ownership.

If you’ve thought about all these issues and know you’re ready to add a puppy to your family, Puppys R Us can help you find the best match for you and your loved ones.