Maltipoo Puppies for Sale

Maltipoos, or Maltese-Poodle hybrids, are small and gentle dogs that have become an increasingly popular breed over the last decade. Maltipoos can have a variety of coat colors including white, beige, cream and black, making them a great choice for dog lovers who enjoy aesthetics. These cute canines are also smart and friendly, and make excellent companion animals for those looking for an outgoing pet. Maltipoo puppies require frequent grooming and training in order to live comfortable lives as members of the family, but with the right care they will quickly become fantastic furry friends that bring joy to any home.

Puppys R Us is dedicated to providing happy and healthy puppies, working closely with our responsible Maltipoo dog breeders to make sure that your new family member is well-socialized and a good fit for your home. View our available Maltipoo pups below.

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